Jakarta, Indonesia

The SIF celebrated the power of friendships by re-engaging with our Indonesian Friends of Singapore at SIF Connects! Jakarta on 22 September 2018. Focusing on Singapore-Indonesia collaborations in education, the highlight of the event was a sharing session themed Education for a Better World. The panel comprised the SIF’s volunteers and partners who have championed for positive impact in this field. The event was graced by Ambassador Anil Kumar Nayar, Singapore Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia and Bapak Adi Nuryanto, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture.

Jakarta, Indonesia

More than 100 SIF alumni, partners and new Friends of Singapore (FOS) gathered in Indonesia for SIF Connects! Jakarta on 28 May 2016. The event brought together Singaporean and Indonesian communities to celebrate the transgenerational good that could be achieved through cross-cultural collaborations in education.

Sharing their insights from the inaugural SIF-Indonesia Bright Foundation (IBF)-Indonesian Professionals’ Association (IPA) study visit to Singapore in December 2015, four IBF scholars highlighted the success of the first SIF-IBF-IPA collaboration in education.

The event also celebrated the growth of partnerships and friendships between Singaporean and Indonesian communities that led to the SIF-IBF-IPA collaboration in education being enhanced and renewed for another two years. Further underscoring the enduring relationships between the two communities, Mochammad Nunung Kurniawan (Iwan) was re-appointed as the SIF Representative in Jakarta for a third term at the event. The strong turnout of FOS, the renewals of the second SIF-IBF-IPA collaboration in education and Iwan’s tenure as the SIF Representative in Jakarta collectively reflect the strength of ties between Singaporeans and Indonesians, and the power of such networks in enabling collaborations to enrich lives and effect positive change.

Bandung, Indonesia

150 Friends of Singapore gathered in Pendopo Walikota Bandung, the official residence of the Mayor of Bandung on 13 June 2015, to discuss “What’s next, Singapore?”. The event was hosted by SIF-ASEAN Fellowship alumnus and Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil.

Attendees included those who had visited, worked and lived in Singapore, as well as Indonesians keen to learn more about the SIF’s initiatives around the region. The dialogue touched on the involvement of the international community in Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations (also known as SG50), and the work of the Indonesia Bright Foundation, an education initiative to give back to society spearheaded by the Indonesian chapter of the SIF-ASEAN Student Fellowship alumni network.