About Us

Our aim is to strengthen mutual understanding, ties and trust between global communities.
All our programmes seek to bring Singaporeans and our friends from overseas communities together,
to connect and collaborate for positive change.


We believe that when people from different parts of the world work together,
they gain insights that bridge cultural divides and the sharing of ideas,
skills and experiences inspires actions and enables collaborations for good.


We do this because we believe we all can, and should, do our part to build
a better world – one we envision as peaceful, inclusive and offers opportunities for all.

“Over the years, the SIF can point to numerous additional exchanges, fellowships and educational programmes that have improved and enhanced the lives of both non-Singaporeans (in the US and elsewhere) and Singaporeans alike.”

David Fedo, Editor, Singapore: Insights from the Inside Volume I, USA

“The tiny dot is a most inclusive place in the world as four ethnic groups reside together, peacefully - Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasians, with completely different religions, cultures and even food.”

Wang Chao, Reporter, China Daily (Overseas Editions), China

“Singapore is a special country; it has beautiful buildings, an amazing transport system, a very safe vibe and especially really helpful and sweet people but the best part about the country is that everyone is doing something creative and helping the society in some or the other way.”

Ridhi Kharbanda, Senior Volunteer, Uday Foundation, India

“It was as if I had walked into a beautiful cocoon of kindness in the world of death and dying. The hospice community in Singapore embraced me and celebrated the crazy idea from a novice like me of starting what would be the first paediatric hospice in Indonesia.”

Lynna Chandra, Founder, Rachel House, Indonesia

“[SIF’s YSE programme] provides an opportunity for young change-makers to be connected to the global social enterprise network… [and] is a good initiative from Singapore to provide a platform for friendships to be forged across countries.”

Quan Haoyu, Founder, Little Marios, YSE 2014 alumnus, Malaysia

Partners and Friends

Our work is not possible without the passion and dedication of our partners and friends.

For more than two decades, we have seen the coming together of friends from diverse backgrounds and cultures, united by the common goal of building a better world.

It is this collective effort of Singaporeans and Friends of Singapore that inspires us daily, while encouraging many others to put their ideas into action for good.

Everyone can be a changemaker. Join our growing community today!

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