The Singapore International Foundation (SIF)’s Arts for Good (A4G) Projects
is a programme that brings together artists and different sectors of society
to collaborate on arts-based initiatives for social good.

The COVID-19 situation continues to impact the arts and culture scene globally.
At the SIF, we remain committed in our support towards arts practitioners and their initiatives.

Ongoing A4G Projects

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ArtSEA is a digital arts resource package that aims to connect children and youth from different cultural backgrounds and increase their access to local art forms through creative, digital arts experiences. Highlighting 11 Southeast Asian contemporary artists, the resource package will be accompanied by trainer workshops, as well as a social media club for participants and trainers to access learning resources and form international connections.

The project is working with children and youth communities across Southeast Asia using the designed curriculum and materials, to provide exposure and access to quality art activities and programming. The ArtSEA team comprises three SIF Arts for Good Fellows—Kristin Dwek from the United States of America, and Teng Zi Ying and Rebekah Lin from Singapore. Download the digital resource pack here!

Princess Saadong_Legends of the SEA

Legends of the SEA

Legends of the SEA is an art activity book exploring the materials, techniques and processes that go into the art practices of Southeast Asian artists. Based on the artworks of regional artists and craftspeople, the activities are designed for children aged 7 to 11 years to introduce the basic concepts of art making while preserving regional cultural and artistic heritage. Inspired by historical and contemporary stories of courage, hope and resilience, the book includes lesson plans for art educators and will be distributed to government and community schools in the region.

Legends of the SEA is a collaboration among five SIF Arts for Good Fellows across four countries – Lee Hui Ling and Soonufat Supramaniam from Malaysia, Evelyn Ghozalli from Indonesia, Loh Wan Ting from Singapore, and Pia G. Ortiz-Luis from the Philippines. Get your free digital copy here!

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In A New Light

In a New Light is an international online performance collaboration between artists and children in Scotland, Bangladesh, and Singapore, who face barriers to access the arts. Children and youth from each country will work together with three experienced artists — Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir (Edinburgh, Scotland), Kamruzzaman Shadhin (Balia, Bangladesh), and SIF Arts for Good Fellow Renee Chua (Singapore)—to explore their collective voices in the current ecological crisis. The group will come together online and embark on a variety of tasks that encourage creativity, reflection and collaboration, culminating in a contemporary performance with original text, movement and song, centred around their responses to the crisis. The project will also be showcased at the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival in 2021 through a performance film.

Led by SIF Arts for Good Fellow Fiona Ferguson, In A New Light is a partnership between The Artground (Singapore), Gidree Bawlee Foundation of Arts (Bangladesh) and Imaginate (Scotland).

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World Wisdom Map

World Wisdom Map is an interactive digital map that documents life lessons of individuals from each of the 195 countries in the world, including personal reflections over the COVID-19 pandemic. The map includes curated collections such as a special deep dive of life lessons from Singapore, as well as contributions from diverse global changemakers. This unique database of stories has also inspired a series of exclusive artworks by Southeast Asian artists and students from India and Singapore, insightful data narratives, and a publicly accessible educational module—all of which are designed to further amplify the inspiration and impact of each story and promote multi-cultural learning and exchanges among global communities.

World Wisdom Map is led by SIF Arts for Good Fellow Deepak Ramola and his team from Project FUEL in India. Explore the map here!

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